The Gilmore Girls Revival

I don’t know about you, but when I heard that Gilmore Girls was returning to Netflix for four 90 minute “movies” I started jumping for joy! Gilmore Girls has always been my favorite show and has had a lasting effect on me, mostly because I love the Lorelai/Rory combo! Talk about two dynamic women.

Our favorite Gilmore Girls on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Actually, this entire television series is devoted to the lives of strong, independent women. Lorelai had Rory at the age of 16, raised her by herself, managed the Independence Inn and eventually was the owner of the Dragonfly Inn, and all without a man by her side.

Rory was an independent, feminist thinker who aspired to be a journalist. She was intelligent and didn’t let her peers crush the dreams she had of attending an Ivy League school. Most viewers would expect Rory to become pregnant at a young age just like her mom, but she defied those odds.

To me Gilmore Girls was a groundbreaking show, it was led by women characters and according to the dailydot.com, “Gilmore Girls is an early successful example of everything Hollywood’s Exclusion Myth tells us isn’t supposed to be possible: a narrative built around women and women’s plots, relationships, and conflicts—one that successfully engages a wide demographic and doesn’t have the “excuse” of being a blockbuster action-adventure serving as an exception to a widely held rule.” Gilmore Girls also passed the Bechdel Test with flying colors. The criteria for this being,  there are at least two named women in the picture, they have a conversation with eactumblr_static_gilmore-girls-season-3-061.0.0h other at some point, and that conversation isn’t about a male character — then it passes.

For me this show was something I always enjoyed because in films and TV shows women were always portrayed as the victim. I understand that TV series are now changing and giving women bigger and better roles. (Finally). However, Amy Sherman Palladino, the director and producer made sure that the women in her show were strong and realized that their actions had consequences. I believe that this is something my generation of women need to see.

A few things to expect in the revival:

  • According to Buzzfeed, the four main stars from the show are back. This includes, Lorelai (Lauren Graham), Rory (Alexis Bledel), Emily Gilmore (Kelly Bishop), and Luke Danes (Scott Patterson).
  • Every episode will be titles after a season, “Winter,” “Spring,” “Summer,” and “Fall.”

And most importantly!

  • Recently, we found out Sookie (Melissa McCarthy) is returning to the show! Thank goodness, because it just wouldn’t have been the same without her.

Unfortunately filming for the revival has just begun, so we have to wait a while until it airs on Netflix, but I suppose that just gives me another opportunity to re-watch the entire series. I suggest you all do the same! And for anyone that hasn’t watched Gilmore Girls, give it a try!

For more inspiration about women in media, visit Raquel Tuohy‘s blog!




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