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Miss Oshkosh.

Beauty pageants,

they have been held around the world for many years. People have constantly debated if beauty pageants should even be around anymore. It is argued that women who participate in pageants aren’t judged based on their ideas or opinions, but strictly their bodies. I’m a firm believer that pageants continue to evolve and impact women’s lives year after year. After being involved in the Miss Oshkosh pageant, I want to share my story of how being involved in the pageant changed my life!

Dress was purchased at Peaches Boutique in Chicago.

Never in a million years did I ever think I would do something like this. The thought of answering an onstage question made me sick to my stomach. I mean, I get nervous just being in an elevator with a stranger! Even though I did not win the pageant, I still feel like a winner to this day.

I performed a jazz dance to “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from Hairspray.




Four Reasons to Compete in a Pageant:

1. Opportunity to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network. All of the contestants had to raise at least $100 for this cause. I love the idea of putting money where the miracles are. Knowing that I made a difference in a child’s life made walking onstage in a bikini well worth it!

2. My confidence level grew tremendously. Being involved with Miss Oshkosh has taught me the importance of branding yourself and really telling your story. I can also say that all of the mock interviews as well as the interviews the day of the pageant have helped me in my journey of getting a career.

Here are some tips on nailing your pageant interview!

3. The everlasting friendships. I had the privilege of already knowing some of the girls that I was competing against, but all of the rehearsals made us bond even more. By the night of the pageant we didn’t care who won, because we were all in it together.11045290_813815138667469_7433158574305543601_o

4. The Scholarships. Even though I can’t say that I won the pageant, I did tie for first in Non-finalist Talent winner. This earned me a scholarship and I was able to pay for a summer class at the university. The Oshkosh Area Women’s Association also provides each contestant with a $400 scholarship just for being involved in the pageant!

Being a part of Miss Oshkosh has been one of my most rewarding experiences to date. I encourage anyone who has even thought about being in a pageant to pursue it and follow your dreams! You never know, maybe you will be the one who can change the world.







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